treefingers (body_song) wrote in chicagochat,

Community DJs!

I'm moving to Chicago in about a month and would love to starting DJing at a community/college radio station. I just graduated college and was really into the radio station there, I had a great show and know that I'll miss it - so I want to take my show over to Chicago!

I've been looking at Chicago radio stations that allow for community (non-student) DJs and I want to know if there are any community DJs here who are willing to lend their experience with any specific station. Basically I want to know the following:

- What station did you work for?

- What was the show application process like for a non-student DJ?

- Does the station you DJ for have an extensive library? Does the station allow you to bring in your own music/order for the library if you can't find what you want?

- Did you feel like you had a lot of freedom in choosing the music you wanted to play? (Keeping within the genre of your show, of course.)

- How did you like the people who worked there/overall environment?

- Anything else you can add about that particular station you worked for (like if you were involved in anything else besides being a DJ).

Thank you for any help you can give me!
Tags: resources - volunteer opportunities
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