le_trombone (le_trombone) wrote in chicagochat,

Sounded Interesting, Thought I'd Pass It Along

826 Chicago and the Boring Store present The Clandestine Quest

Calling all secret agents. Skulk, scurry and scavenge throughout Wicker Park and Bucktown, as you track down clues and secret hideouts in order to solve a great mystery.

Beware. Competing agencies will also be on the prowl and subterfuge will be afoot. Where your typical scavenger hunt has much to do with brains, athleticism, and luck, the Clandestine Quest has everything to do with all those noble traits plus cheating.

Wisely choosing from an array of officially sanctioned cheats, you can ensure your agency's victory. With the purchase of the cheats, you will also ensure that 826 Chicago can continue to offer free writing programs for Chicago youth.

Begins Sunday, March 10th.
Tags: a&e - things to do - under 21, neighborhoods - wicker park
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