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NATO Summit - Your Perspective

So I was just curious: with the NATO Summit weekend here, how is it affecting you this weekend, if at all? Are you protesting, or do you know anyone who is? Any concerns/thoughts/feelings about the summit?

I live and work out in the suburbs, so I won't be affected directly. I have family who live in the South Loop who are staying with me this weekend, and I know of a few people who work downtown who are working from home Friday and maybe Monday.

I was watching the news Thursday night, and there was coverage of some protesters who were already out. It seems like people I've talked to have ranged from irritated to indifferent, mostly about the disruption to everyday activities. I just wanted to get some other perspectives on this.
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It isn't bothering me. I work from home and don't go out much anyway.
I hate it. I take the Metra to work in the burbs. The restrictions are absolutely ridiculous, so Monday I'm working from home. All this money and invasive security being spent for what?
Inconveniencing the local taxpayers, of course!
I live on the far north side and a couple people in my building work down at the Horseshoe. Caught them today packing some things up because they're just staying across the border for the weekend since they would otherwise not be able to get to work at all.
I'm also a suburbanite. And this is the first weekend this year where we've got absolutely nothing that *has* to be done beyond the normal housework. No appointments, no hot potatoes. And the last such weekend until mid-August at the moment. It would have been a perfect weekend to go downtown. Once I heard about the Metra restrictions, though, I nixed that thought.

My daughter was scheduled to go on a lakefront cruise on Monday as part of their graduation activites. That has now been rescheduled to Thursday because of the summit. Which really screws with my day, because there's no bus service on Thursday and they aren't leaving till late morning. So I have to take her to work with me and take a very long lunch to get her to school. This actually annoys me more than not playing during the weekend.
My husband will work from home on Monday. Probably.
I will admit that I am friends with an old high-school buddy of my husband's on Facebook, who is now a very activist Socialist, and we have been checking his Facebook page to get an idea of when and where the big protests will be so my husband can avoid them.
I live and work in the city. Most of the chicken littles have apparently stayed locked up in their suburban compounds. As a result, the city is a ghost town and I could get from home to work in record time. Tom Morello and Tim McIlrath are playing a free concert at noon at Daley Center. Every day should be this luxurious.
It sure wasn't any kind of ghost town when I was trying to get home this afternoon.
If you took the Kennedy, they were intermittently shutting it down so dignitaries could get in from O'Hare.

Leaving the city west on Randolph was a breeze.
I was supposed to volunteer at the Chicago Children's Museum at Navy Pier on Sunday, but all volunteer shifts for Sunday and Monday were cancelled because they were expecting heavy traffic delays and didn't want any of the volunteers to have to fool with that mess.

I work downtown near Lake Shore. When I spoke to one of my coworkers yesterday, she said she wasn't coming in today or Monday, and she'd advised several others to do the same.


May 18 2012, 23:31:11 UTC 5 years ago Edited:  May 18 2012, 23:38:04 UTC

I don't have the option of working from home, and work during the weekend. I live on the South Side, and my main bus route, as well as every feasible alternate bus to get downtown, is rerouted. The security restrictions on Metra are ridiculous (it's more restrictive than freakin' TSA, and it's even stupider that it's system-wide, not just the Electric line), so I'll be going out of my way (and leaving way early) to get to the Green Line to get downtown/get to the north side, where I have to be on Saturday.

Everyone I know who drives is expecting shitty traffic since so many arterial roads are closed (they have places to be this weekend, too). My neighbor was complaining that the South Side's been massively inconvenienced while most of the North Side is untouched, and I'm inclined to agree.
I'm stuck in my apartment studying for finals this weekend, so it isn't inconveniencing me until Monday.... when I have to figure out how to commute from Lincoln Park to University of Chicago, because our professor didn't cancel class as many others have. Really not sure how I'm going to get there!